Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quick Update

Hai sayangsssss,
Happy Labour Day in advance! I’m in hometown, still in the holiday mood, tehehee! I have no story to be shared (yeah pity me,.uhuk) but please serve me with your updates ya!

Today is my bff’s Engagement Day Suhailla, and I wish her all the happiness through the ‘darah manis’ period. Kehkeh, kena banyak-banyak bersabar tau! You both deserve each other.

 I’ll attend few weddings tomorrow, insyaAllah.

To my sayangsssss, plan your journey, take care and drive safe. Love much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I love blogging.

I love to read other blogs.

I love to involve in this blogging-world -thingy but on the other hand, please forgive me if I can’t commit to say/write anything about my wedding preparations. This is not really a bride-to-be blog at the first place, it is private blog to me but when the ‘right’ time comes along, I am just too sluggish to create the new one to place my wed thingy inside. Days by days, the follower’s number keeps increasing since I shared about my wedding. Must and much appreciated!

If I said/wrote about other things, don’t be bored okay. I’ll force myself to write, to share and to link other brides, which all girls (not yet a woman hahaha) love to say about her wedding dream. So do I! If I said nonsense and mumbling around; ignore me, but don’t leave me. I love you guys, just the way you are, thanks for sharing a lotsssss of beautiful things, and encourage me to dream too.

P.S. I love you. 

Travelogue: Yogyakarta 2008

We went to Yogyakarta in 2008, in the middle of thesis war. Hoooo Hooooo. It is an escape from the hectic life of our final stage study before being an architect today. I can say it as a successful retreat as everybody seem so enjoyed and have fun there. I wrapped the thesis and the dissertation behind, and once we walked out from the uni, I felt like flyinggggg. 

The sky are crystal blue, the temperature is super hot.

I miss the good old days. I miss my friends. I miss my hectic lifestyle. I miss the smell and environment in studio, I miss the irritated guards and also Subra, I miss sleeping under the desk, I miss BBQ at rooftop, I miss Padang Kota, I miss kerabu mangga, and last not lease, I miss Ferringhi beach!

Yes, I miss everything I left before. (nangis!) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am not in the mood of writing anything right now especially about my wedding preparation.

Pity me.

Everything goes smoothly actually, Alhamdulillah.

Just ermmmm, I am looking forward to fly again.. woohooooo! I just can’t wait for the day to come. I am lazy and idle since I was back from Seoul, oh ya I am still in holiday mood, but pardon and you have to work intan! Work work work! The laziness makes me like the most useless person in office. Yes, I have to admit this; yell at me for that, BoooooooOOOoo!

Despite of all that, i am still energetic doing other things likes talking, blogging, fb-ing, tweet-ing, and 
forum-ing.  Sorry Cikbos, if u read this, please forgive me (Jangan potong gaji ye).

Anyone experienced travel to China before? Guangzhou-Shenzen to be specific. Please advise me where to go, place to eat, the atmosphere, the temperature, clothes to wear, shoes, or errr the toilet? It is without door? I am not sure either it is true or not, but from the some-source said, the toilet cubicle is designed to be without door, gosssshhhh I can’t imagine that. Cemane nak shishi n bubu ni?

Furthermore, let’s have fun till nextweek! You have tones of work to be done, intan. And yeah, I want my working mood back, ececehhhh. Semangat!

I’ll keep this entry short and leave the story. One thing for sure, SHOPPING! It’s a MUST. Pray for my safety, healthiness, and wish me luck!! 

Hai! i'm Cat-ty. Nice to meet u-oll gorgeous~

Monday, April 18, 2011

My new baby

I love photography so much. I love capturing memories, things, or anything seem attractive to me; which it doesn’t mean the pictures I’ve captured are super nice, but it interprets how I look things with my own perception. After a long ‘break’ (i dah jual my 450D lama dulu, huhuh), I’ve decided to get one for me back, it MUST be pleasant design and easy to carry, flexible but yet really outstanding. Compact Dslr technology suit me well, yeay!

 It’s so confused at the first place either to choose the G Series from Lumix or Nex Series from Sony, but finally, this is it,. Welcome home my new baby Lumix GF1. Mommy loves you!

Panasonic's new 12-megapixel LUMIX GF1Micro Four-thirds Camera is said to be 
the world’s smallest and lightest system digital camera with built-in flash, 
and it also packs impressive features like full HD 1080p video recording 
with continuous auto focus, and a 3.0-inch Intelligent LCD on its compact body.

courtesy: encik Google

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A compliment for me when…

Hai Sayangsss!

Masih ingat DIY Guest Book ni? Heheheh hasil dari sisa lebihan veil nikah i, huhuhu tak sangka pula ada yang berkenan.

Weeeeee~ appreciated! She asked me to custom-made her guest book also, for both sides. (tapi takdelah macam i punya tu, sebab tu sisa lebihan je, uhuk!). Of course I sangat teruja nak buatkan!! Her reception will be at Duchess Place, which part ni paling best sebab I nak design something elegant and lavishness that portrays the real ‘her’. She is soooooo cute, but I am sure she will be as pretty as the real princess at her wedding. The reception is somewhere in December, yeahhh of course I will do some research to suit her taste, the theme, and also the color itself. Hihik.

This is her, comel kan?

Wahhhh tak sabarnya. Apa lah hasilnya nanti eh?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Big Smile For Me =)

Veil for reception akhirnya siap!

My Bed Head Decoration: Artificial Flower

I dah gubah ni like monthsssss ago. Hahaha.
 This in the first preparation for the wedding, kelakar tak! Semangat giler nak gubah masa tu. 
Nasib baik tak berhabuk or my mum curik untuk hias rumah. 
Hahaha. Kalau jeruk ni, dah masam dah kot, terperap lama sangat. 
Kehkehkeh! Layan jelah!

Friday, April 8, 2011

DIY: Veil For Reception

I am working on this! Weee..DIY aje, jimat sikit huhuh. Still in progress,. tak siap lagi~
Pearls tu lebihan veil nikah aritu, takpelah janji match. Nak tengok veil untuk nikah? sila klik sini,. Sharing is caring right?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reveal: Combination Color Bride & Bridesmaid Part 2

Januari lepas I ada buat entry ni, berkenaan my theme color, Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang memang I stick dengan those color, Cuma tiba-tiba my fiancé taknak pakai pink masa kawen, so sad. Huhuh. I dah beli pon persalinan dari Butik Puteris, its Dusty Pink color. Love it so much. Then now I nak let go persalinan tersebut. Ada sesiapa berkenan tak? It comes with a dress, veil, tudung and shoes. Kalau ada yang nak boleh la email I ye, for now ada yang nak beli, from bridal boutique, tapi sayang pulak. Heheh. Berfikir 3 4x dulu ni nak let go kat siapa. Sebab tu la tiba-tiba jadi light orange/peach plak untuk bersanding, sebab I tetap nak color yang boleh match dengan baby corn tu! Peach pon oke what..still warm color~

Ini lah dia, tunjuk kain dan kasut aje, wink!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reveal: Combination Color Bride & Bridesmaid

Hai, sebenarnya entry di bawah berkenaan baju bersanding saya. Peace. Cantik tak color tu, and i already asked my beloved bridesmaid to wear yellow, hahaha. Mula-mula semua macam ''oh yellow? Lawa ke?" Then puas la pulak nak describe color cemane hu hu. I love warm color and pastel and also heart baby corn (kuning jagung) color so much. If u are my friends, you will be bored to hear about this color again and again, and end up u biar jela i dengan dunia i sendiri. Hahaha. 

Inilah combination color kami, InsyaAllah! Doakan semuanya berjalan lancar ye.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Day 2: Rise and shine!
I am so excited to explore my new day in Seoul. It’s too cold outside, 10c but the sky is so blue and welcoming. FYI, my legs become very itchy and it’s hurt ouchhhhh! Cik nana asked me to apply Vaseline all over my face and legs, since my skin is so sensitive and start to scratch. That’s why I didn’t apply any make up tehehe. Ada kaitan ke? I memang jarang make up kot. Plus, Vaseline really make my face to look more pale than ever, and sejuk, macam dalam masuk peti ais dah. I wore three layer of shirts and extra long-john in my jeans, oh really hope that it may warm me up along the day.

Tengok, their main road lengang! We are at the center of Seoul right, daaaaa~ Oh i suke camni. Kalau kat KL, ohh sangat hectic please. Here, they are prefer to walk rather than driving, healthy lifestyle. Me? kena banyak jalan jugak la. Kuang-kuang boleh la kurus. New Sonata jadi teksi? Huh, kalau kat Malaysia jadi apa? Ce teka~

I wore three layer of shirts and extra long-john in my jeans, oh really hope that it may warm me up along the day. First catch is crystal, I dah lama berangan nak belikan my mum n sisters crystal brooch yang bling2 tu. Bila sampai, OMG sangat terkejut the whole building penuh dengan crystal, u nak ape? Brooch, butang baju melayu, rantai, crown, just name it. Semua ada, rambang mata oi. At last I pilih jela ikot taste I, ramai jugak jumpa Malaysian kat sane, macam gathering plak hahaha. 

See? Dari brooch kecik sampai besar tapak tangan pon ada? Ada sesiapa nak pakai tak? Hehehe. Finally, we took almost 2hours to choose the right one, then proceed to the next checkpoint, Myeongdong. Hahaha. I dah ada itinerary planned by my personal tourist guide, so ikot jela plan dia, thanks Cik Nana dear!

Ya Allah street shopping sangat heaven okey. Even just a small street, I dah tak larat nak jalan-jalan semua. Imagine their building is like grid one, then u masuk je mana2 pon boleh. It is not typical street like petaling street tau, sebab tiba-tiba u akan jumpa outlet macam GAP, Body Shop, Nike, Face Shop, Forever 21, kat celah2 street tu. And don’t worry, it’s all original items yawwww. Takdenye tipu2. If nak beli LV grade A ke, Coach ke, berlambak tepi jalan. But Korean people memang pakai yang original tau, takdenye nak beli imitate ni, hehe. I? Window shopping aje, adalah grab few things for myself hehehe.

The food is okey, a bit spicy and paling penting, dimasak dihadapan kita. So takdelah ragu-ragu kan, we go for seafood, senang takyah fikir siapa yang sembelih. The cup and everything are sterile and I am just eating what Nana eats.  I am trust on her since she lived in Seoul for about five year’s time. Ceruk-ceruk Seoul, memang dia juara. Plus she can speak Korean fluently, so I memang takde effortlah nak cakap Korea kan, ha ha. Just tahu annyonghaseyo jela!!

Oh barang-barang sangat comel, rasa nak borong semua.

Reached home at 6pm, totally exhausted.

*kalau bosan dengan gambar, i am sorry, sila ignore ye.


I didn’t make any review about my trip to Seoul, Korea yet. Urghhhhh please forgive me ya. Busy time! Hehehe.

Day 1: Leave my hometown (Kota Gelanggi, Pahang) at 730 am, drove to the airport with my beloved mum (thanks mum for accompany me!). It is such a very long distance to catch my plain which I have to travel almost 230km to reach there. Jauh kan? Gamble giler bertolak pagi. Alhamdulillah, my travel was so fun, had mother-daughter-talk along the journey and just listen to my mum future plan for my wedding hehehehe. Dalam hati berbunga-bunga sangat! FYI, I am the youngest sister in my family, so that my mum want ‘IT’ to be the most memorable event in our family, and to be highlight, we’ve decided to go for a very simple but yet hilarious moments to everyone. The wedding will be held in Jengka (FELDA), jauh plak tu, so what do you aspect? Kawan-kawan mesti berfikir dua kali nak datang, huhu but I hope everybody will come since I have something special for them, as an appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

Cop! Tersasar plak. Arrived at KL at 930am and had our breakfast at Gombak, and mum insisted me to take a 'SMALL' portion of food and it must be Nasi and Ayam. She said ‘nanti rindu ayam seminggu’. Hahaha. Tapi I tak kisah since I love taking rice every day, is a MUST yawww! Then we continued our journey to Kinrara to pick my nephew first, and straight away to the airport. Sampai airport at 1115am and it quick early, but I asked them to just leave me at drop by area. Then the REAL journey started. Ting tong! Bila dah checked in, dan tunggu masa je untuk boarding, i tengok keliling macam takde pon orang wearing scarf, goshhhh! I sorang je ke malay kat situ, yang I nampak kebanyakannya like bintang KPOP berbadan langsing dan bergaya sakan. Oh tiny me! Takpe relax pretend coooooollllll! 

Then bile broading,, baru la jumpa one nice guy name Khai Nizam from Singapore, which transit to Malaysia first for the cheaper airplain katanya, hehe. And guess what, he is only 18 and he is also travel abroad alone! Salute la bro!

Alhamdulillah we are safely arrived at Incheon International Airport at 915pm, huhhhhhhh kejang kaki i and with carrying backpack, I just easily walk-in and smile! Yeayyyyy I am in KOREA!

The airport is so nice and as an architect, I am so proud to be at this world's best airport for the sixth straight year, according to the latest survey by Airports Council International, a global airport consultation group. The temperature is minus 2, too cold though. Cik Nana dah tunggu kat Gate arrival, and we are rush to catch the last train to Seoul.

Having my late dinner at McDonald, cik nana sibuk suruh try their Burger Sotong, tapi habis la plak. Sobsob! Maklumlah dah lewat malam dah. Nampaknya french fries jela. Tapi, disebabkan excited nak try Korean food tengah-tengah malam buta, We drop at 'kedai comel' and try Odeng. Sedap okey!

Meet Cik Nana bermata bulat dan candid awek korea bermata sepet, hihik. For the first time mulut berasap, tak payah nak hisap rokok bagai, teruja okey! I am full and tired. My day 1 is just ended here, hoping for the better tomorrow. Yeahhh I can’t wait! 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hana Big day

Being a MOH, I’ve to be as pretty as the bride, hahahaha! Eh eh mana boleh camtu. The real thing is I taknak nampak comot and spoilt the moment/pictures. She asked me to wear purple for her reception and grey for groom’s side. Okeylah I have both color, but for her reception, I want something special as my appreciation of our friendship. So I brought a plain light purple off-satin and a simple lace and make a simple ‘kurung moden’.
FYI, I’ve applied light make up at my face, just to enhance my small eyes yang sepet ni. Thanks to my dearie Sue, sebab sudi makeup I. Love much! The wedding was so hilarious and I love everything about the bride’s attire, the makeup, the veil, the shoes, and also the dais.

Cut the story, let me introduce you with the beautiful bride, Hana,.

Solemnization night

Stunning kan? Gorgeous makeup and attire by Aleng Tohara and OP by DanialHaikal Photography.  She deserve a perfect wedding, ohhhhhhh me so jealous! Hana jangan marah ye.

Picture: Reception attire and makeup by Aleng Tohara

The dais and hantaran by D'nora collection, Kuantan

The groom's side (bertandang), Dais by D'nora Collection and bride attire by Nik erwan Roseli.

Last but not lease, your truly yang perasan sibuk, Intan.

Till then, tata~


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