Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A compliment for me when…

Hai Sayangsss!

Masih ingat DIY Guest Book ni? Heheheh hasil dari sisa lebihan veil nikah i, huhuhu tak sangka pula ada yang berkenan.

Weeeeee~ appreciated! She asked me to custom-made her guest book also, for both sides. (tapi takdelah macam i punya tu, sebab tu sisa lebihan je, uhuk!). Of course I sangat teruja nak buatkan!! Her reception will be at Duchess Place, which part ni paling best sebab I nak design something elegant and lavishness that portrays the real ‘her’. She is soooooo cute, but I am sure she will be as pretty as the real princess at her wedding. The reception is somewhere in December, yeahhh of course I will do some research to suit her taste, the theme, and also the color itself. Hihik.

This is her, comel kan?

Wahhhh tak sabarnya. Apa lah hasilnya nanti eh?


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