Sunday, January 24, 2010


MOOD: berbunga

seronok. itulah perasaan aku sekarang. aku dah dapat rembat few things for hantaran. hati berbunga-bunga. best shopping bila duit tengah banyak ni. haha. tapi banyak ke? okelah memandangkan gaji aku tak masuk lagi and aku ade few hundred for shopping. also grab a bloody red purse from SACHA for me.  suke! baru sebulan lepas aku beli new purse from giossardi tapi after a while then i'm realized that i didn't really like the compartment so much, unused wisely. so i am decided nak bagi that purse to my niece yang dapat straight A's in PMR. yeay for kakak, got present! now terasa sangat seronok sampai terlupa sekejap isu kerja. its 540pm already. i'm heading to office because our client, DRB-Hicom want to meet me at 9pm. settlekan whatever yang belum settle so that i can rest tonight. selamat bekerja. harap hati berbunga ini akan maintain sampai malam.


MONEY doesn't seems a problem for me, but TIME is something that i don't have enough lately. Sad and stressed. i miss the good old days. to be an architect is a everyone dream but to be in this way is never be a dream for everyone. huh, hate DRB-Hicom. hate! perfectly my weight being up and up because i am havin' unhealthy food every single night. congrats intan! you are doing very good. tak lama lagi boleh jadi macam tong drum, sighi need a refreshment, of course before May. it is a target. For now just focusing on how to make this small-pressure-thing gone. very torture okay. so today i need some shopping of course! woman natural call. bye.


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