Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Button Like

Selamat petang!

Ada blogger yang request suruh i tambah button LIKE kat my blog, so struggle i cari tutorial bagai, akhirnya berjaya! I dah tambah button LIKE kat bawah setiap entry, kalau suka sila like beramai-ramai ye! Kalau tak suka boleh ignore, hihihihik.

Scrap@perclip by my Besties: Farah Diyana

Hye dear readers~

This is awesome! Please check this out!! Woooottttt woooottttt!

"Welcome to Scrapaperclip !

Welcome to the newly launched website which offers a lot of things from handmade wedding favors, greeting cards, gifts and also digital design to photography !
Start browing and you will be amazed by what we can offer you to make your day special !"

My dearest friend of mine, Farah Diana Azizan would like to share her creativity for being part of your wedding day by doing all this cute-ness thingy!

Do browsing her site and you will be amazed! I am totally proud of you, dear~

"I'd love to hear from you!

Please include your full name, contact and wedding date when inquiring about the packages."
Farah Diyana Azizan
Email : 

Hopefully I can be part of your event!
Give me your feedbacks ! Thank you for stopping by and Dont forget to spread the word around !!!

And also goodnews to all B2Bs, FIRST GIVEAWAY as a way to promote and launch her artwork/photo blog cum website !!

Closing this Thursday 12pm Noon.
A Free A5 size wedding guestbook for 2012 wedding !!!!!!
worth RM180 
Winners will be chosen via on Friday Morning !!!

All you need to do is :
1. Be a follower. 
2. Spread this news in your blog post title Scrapaperclip Giveaway. Simple one will do..No need to write so much. Quick and simple to link your post to mine so that others can participate too.
3. Leave comment here with your link of the post and email address easier for me to notify the winner later.
4. DONE !
5. Only Comments under this particular post will be accepted to join. Other post will be disqualified oke..
Those who wish to exchange link  by copying my button but dont want to participate (probably because you are and ex-bride or merely not interested) will also get the chance to win

Secret give...
Just copy scrapaperclip button on your right side and paste in your blog and give me your blog link in the comment area with the word Button and email add.
I will go to your blog and visit. Winners will be selected via
Sample =  Button : Blog Link: 
If you wanna join both also are welcome...I will check blogs with my buttons , those who have my buttons will be eligible for the Secret Give !
So hurry ! Clock is ticking =D Tick Tock

Farah dear, 
I tak join GA tau, Bagi can kat B2B lain join, this is truly an appreciation for you darl~


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