Monday, April 4, 2011


I didn’t make any review about my trip to Seoul, Korea yet. Urghhhhh please forgive me ya. Busy time! Hehehe.

Day 1: Leave my hometown (Kota Gelanggi, Pahang) at 730 am, drove to the airport with my beloved mum (thanks mum for accompany me!). It is such a very long distance to catch my plain which I have to travel almost 230km to reach there. Jauh kan? Gamble giler bertolak pagi. Alhamdulillah, my travel was so fun, had mother-daughter-talk along the journey and just listen to my mum future plan for my wedding hehehehe. Dalam hati berbunga-bunga sangat! FYI, I am the youngest sister in my family, so that my mum want ‘IT’ to be the most memorable event in our family, and to be highlight, we’ve decided to go for a very simple but yet hilarious moments to everyone. The wedding will be held in Jengka (FELDA), jauh plak tu, so what do you aspect? Kawan-kawan mesti berfikir dua kali nak datang, huhu but I hope everybody will come since I have something special for them, as an appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

Cop! Tersasar plak. Arrived at KL at 930am and had our breakfast at Gombak, and mum insisted me to take a 'SMALL' portion of food and it must be Nasi and Ayam. She said ‘nanti rindu ayam seminggu’. Hahaha. Tapi I tak kisah since I love taking rice every day, is a MUST yawww! Then we continued our journey to Kinrara to pick my nephew first, and straight away to the airport. Sampai airport at 1115am and it quick early, but I asked them to just leave me at drop by area. Then the REAL journey started. Ting tong! Bila dah checked in, dan tunggu masa je untuk boarding, i tengok keliling macam takde pon orang wearing scarf, goshhhh! I sorang je ke malay kat situ, yang I nampak kebanyakannya like bintang KPOP berbadan langsing dan bergaya sakan. Oh tiny me! Takpe relax pretend coooooollllll! 

Then bile broading,, baru la jumpa one nice guy name Khai Nizam from Singapore, which transit to Malaysia first for the cheaper airplain katanya, hehe. And guess what, he is only 18 and he is also travel abroad alone! Salute la bro!

Alhamdulillah we are safely arrived at Incheon International Airport at 915pm, huhhhhhhh kejang kaki i and with carrying backpack, I just easily walk-in and smile! Yeayyyyy I am in KOREA!

The airport is so nice and as an architect, I am so proud to be at this world's best airport for the sixth straight year, according to the latest survey by Airports Council International, a global airport consultation group. The temperature is minus 2, too cold though. Cik Nana dah tunggu kat Gate arrival, and we are rush to catch the last train to Seoul.

Having my late dinner at McDonald, cik nana sibuk suruh try their Burger Sotong, tapi habis la plak. Sobsob! Maklumlah dah lewat malam dah. Nampaknya french fries jela. Tapi, disebabkan excited nak try Korean food tengah-tengah malam buta, We drop at 'kedai comel' and try Odeng. Sedap okey!

Meet Cik Nana bermata bulat dan candid awek korea bermata sepet, hihik. For the first time mulut berasap, tak payah nak hisap rokok bagai, teruja okey! I am full and tired. My day 1 is just ended here, hoping for the better tomorrow. Yeahhh I can’t wait! 


K.I.N.A said...

hahaha..ckp pasal mulut berasap teringat dekat beijing..suke mulut berasap wlpun sejuk gile!

mizzunderstood said...

waaaahhhhhhhh....bestnye!!! =)

bantal said...

wah bestnye..gie korea.....

Amanda Musa said...

sis, kat mane kedai ni?


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