Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I love blogging.

I love to read other blogs.

I love to involve in this blogging-world -thingy but on the other hand, please forgive me if I can’t commit to say/write anything about my wedding preparations. This is not really a bride-to-be blog at the first place, it is private blog to me but when the ‘right’ time comes along, I am just too sluggish to create the new one to place my wed thingy inside. Days by days, the follower’s number keeps increasing since I shared about my wedding. Must and much appreciated!

If I said/wrote about other things, don’t be bored okay. I’ll force myself to write, to share and to link other brides, which all girls (not yet a woman hahaha) love to say about her wedding dream. So do I! If I said nonsense and mumbling around; ignore me, but don’t leave me. I love you guys, just the way you are, thanks for sharing a lotsssss of beautiful things, and encourage me to dream too.

P.S. I love you. 


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