Thursday, February 11, 2010


it has been a month since we started doing DRB-Hicom things. at first, i thought it might be a very enjoyable project, refer to the 'fast track' term that they used. wah excitednye! but, i'll never be like that, ever. i am trying so hard to be as good as i can, but it always not so well for them. also with ama, and of course my boss. we work toward their expectations but day by day, it is going so wrong, again and again. as consultant, (refer to QS, M&E, C&S and us) our duty is consult and advise them but on the other hand, it only 'angguk kepala'. QS pon dah muntah buat project ni, and also C&S masuk ward. night mare is it? luckily i and ama still strong enough to face them. hopefully we didn't got high pressure, hehe. muda lagi la weh! 

my boss said this is a regrettable project for him, due to the  problems that happen every single day. whatever it is, they are so fussy and kedekut. too many none technical 'executive's yang menyebok, and because of their 'experiences' on construction, things become so kelam kabut and horrible. sad. super sad.  the architectural term that they used, haha, very 'professional' and 'easy' to understand. sorry people, if i am underestimated you, but this is the fact. full stop. maybe you are really good on 'pasang-kereta-mercedes-and-swift', but on construction, you are failed.

my personal opinion, i can't work with them, never! so if my boss willing to do their coming project, i want to resign! xkiralah walaupon professional fees RM3.3j, haha. xkira nak resign jugak. nasib baik la for now i am not into DRB lagi, ama in charge. memang patut pon at first. just i am too scared to raise up the issue, so layankan aje. Now, ama lead. gud gud. leganyer..

now i am monitoring Kosma project, which is proposing a budget hotel cum training center. it is more interesting than facing them. this week, we are in Pekan since monday to thurday, what a perfect job. its okay, learning process and lesson learned. next week, CNY holiday. goodbye DRB, goodbye people. good bye problems, and of course say hi to beloved family and of course abang. miss you all already. kissesssss.

the end


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