Saturday, January 23, 2010


MOOD: irritated

this addiction towards those facebook, twitter, friendster, blogs etc webby seems too 'good' to left out. sigh
i have no point to defense myself (haha, i'm addicted too),  but in a way we look at it, it is such a good way to reconnect among others. it's create a huge circle, all around the world. somehow, now still have some 'skeptical' people that think 'this' things are too exposed and ridiculous. people should not voice out in status, taggin' people, comments, and also include playin' dumn mafia wars and farmville. huh, what an opinion! better stay dalam gua la buddy. irritated, honestly! PREROGATIVE. yes it is. humans right, stand out, voice out, anything out out out. so please go out. seeing the wonderful world that you left, or maybe the world left you. haha. later on, then you will realized that you are just wasting your time for no good. also loosing friends. pity.


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