Wednesday, December 15, 2010

B2B: small 'cottage' for us

Finally we have our own 'place' in eight months period! That's the great news and i can't stop smiling! wink~ Thanks FFIL.Wedding gift ke ni?
I wish for 'this' loooooonnnnngggg time ago but now i think this is it. It might be small for others but big enough for me, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, just perfect!
I love grey, red, and some earth colors; which i hope i can apply them on decorating my place! woooohooo. If we have extras, i will go for paintings, lantern, or wallpapers. dreaming*

Sofa - checked!
TV - checked!
Freezer - checked!
Washing Machine - checked!
Oven - checked!
Rice cooker - checked!
Blender - none
Iron - checked!
Dining Table - none
Stand Fan  - checked!
Deep fryer - none
TV cabinet - checked but will find new one.
Water heater - none
Aircond - none
Decoration lamp & lantern - checked!
Correlle - none
Corning Ware - none

Oh stop dreaming intan! lambat lagi oiiiii. copppp! sape2 nak bagi wedding gift i prefer yang disenaraikan none tu ye! boleh mula menyimpan sekarang. Terima kasih~


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