Monday, January 3, 2011

Confession of Me

Hai everyone!

First day at work in 2011, how excited is it? Please don’t say no. So do i. ‘luckily’ my beloved mr boss just adjusted new working hours from 830am-530pm due to lotssssss of government people tend to call us at early morning, huh! And at first, it’s like OMG! Boleh ke nak bangun awal pagi ni! But I've tried to see it at the good side and adapt with my new azam baru (bangun awal!). Hoho. Don’t laugh!! I am an architect  and i am supposed to be very-fierce-but-nice. haha~

I have to admit I am not a morning person since I am a little girl, do believe I love to sleep like a sleeping beauty with lotssss of pillows around me, and wrapping myself with comforter and yes, also my pink bunga-bunga bantal busuk. This bad habit did kill me sometimes but unluckily it never stops me to doing it again and again and again. I hope one day my prince charming may come and kiss me to broke the curse  ehhh no! Please rescue me from ‘this’.

Some people always had a nap in the evening to refresh their body, and i’ve tried to do so but my eyes are wide opened and my mind keeps thinking/berangan and ended up with baik-bangun-tengok-tv. Some doing great by woke up early morning and will go to sleep back at early noon. Urghhh I didn’t agree that way. For me, I choose to wake up a ‘bit’ late and feel energetic for the whole day, then sleep at midnite when my eyes and body felt tired.
I know it is not a good attitude for 25 years old teenagers-not-a-woman-yet hihik but insyaallah this year I will try to broke the record. I did promised myself to present subuh on time (no more subuh gajah), and force myself not to sleep back afterward.

Bold, it 2011 yawwwww! Now you have no time to be gedik mengada2 and learn to be a new woman, intan! The day is counting,.. .. .


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