Friday, January 28, 2011

Chris Medina & Juliana Ramos

Baca ini dari blog kak Aina, my besties SIL, Juju. Terasa sangat nak share dengan semua orang. This story really made me cry,. huhuhuk~

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — "Juliana Ramos car accident" has become a popular Google trend after her fiancé appeared on American Idol.
It was a tissue moment Wednesday night when Idol contestant Chris Medina shared a heartbreaking story about Ramos during his Milwaukee audition. The 26-year-old singer spoke about getting engaged to Ramos, his girlfriend of six years. But two months before they were set to marry, she was involved in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury.
"I was about to make vows just two months from the accident – through thick and thin, 'til death do us part, for better or worse," he said through tears. "What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?"
Medina moved everyone even more when he performed "Breakeven" by The Script," an audition that earned him a golden ticket to Hollywood. In fact, after the tragic tale, the judges asked to meet Medina's fiancée.
"I just heard your fiancé sing," Steven Tyler told Juliana. "He sings to you all the time. I could tell. That's why he sings so good because he sings to you."
Watch Chris Medina discuss the Juliana Ramos car accident on American Idol below:

Tengok la how pretty she was. bertuah Chris.

This is she now months after the accident. Chris still loves her no matter what.

Sedihkan? Sila angguk.
 This is the prove of true love~


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