Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Update: 11 May 2011

Hai sayang,

Luckily I got my solemnization attire four months before the wedding. Enough time for me to do some DIY to the dress, and hopefully it may enhance the purity of the solemnization itself. (ada kaitan ke?). Some people call it cream color, but I’m preferred to call it pearl color instead; and it’s just a simple modern kurung with some detailing on top. 

Agak-agak, suit tak dengan veil yang I dah DIY dulu? Refer this entry.

Yes! This is my five confessions.

  1. I am a sleeping beauty; soooo not a morning person and I hope this may charge after marriage.
  2. I am talkative and speak loud.
  3. I have 15.5inch shoulder, bidangnya oi oi oi.
  4. I love water, but too scare to swim.
  5. I can’t sing and not into music.


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