Friday, April 1, 2011

Hana Big day

Being a MOH, I’ve to be as pretty as the bride, hahahaha! Eh eh mana boleh camtu. The real thing is I taknak nampak comot and spoilt the moment/pictures. She asked me to wear purple for her reception and grey for groom’s side. Okeylah I have both color, but for her reception, I want something special as my appreciation of our friendship. So I brought a plain light purple off-satin and a simple lace and make a simple ‘kurung moden’.
FYI, I’ve applied light make up at my face, just to enhance my small eyes yang sepet ni. Thanks to my dearie Sue, sebab sudi makeup I. Love much! The wedding was so hilarious and I love everything about the bride’s attire, the makeup, the veil, the shoes, and also the dais.

Cut the story, let me introduce you with the beautiful bride, Hana,.

Solemnization night

Stunning kan? Gorgeous makeup and attire by Aleng Tohara and OP by DanialHaikal Photography.  She deserve a perfect wedding, ohhhhhhh me so jealous! Hana jangan marah ye.

Picture: Reception attire and makeup by Aleng Tohara

The dais and hantaran by D'nora collection, Kuantan

The groom's side (bertandang), Dais by D'nora Collection and bride attire by Nik erwan Roseli.

Last but not lease, your truly yang perasan sibuk, Intan.

Till then, tata~


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