Thursday, February 4, 2010

weekend treat

weekend nie i have special guest coming!! yeay.. it's nana. 

actually, nie baru kali ketiga kami jumpa, and.. of course only ym and facebook is the way we talk and stalk. haha. you setuju x babe? i tau you mesti setuju! so tribute to facebook and ym! you are helping a lots. sebab tu i rase you boleh jadi my bff. you always have same opinion and interest as mine. we love photography, we are gadget freak sometimes, we share problems, we do advise each other, and the most, we share the khalid's! it is for real! sometimes, difficult to describe, it is just a 'chemistry'. admit it. no doubt.

dis is what we eat. yummy

so we are planning to attend a wedding on saturday afternoon. petang, of course nak g beach, nak memerangkan kulit! chewah macam minah saleh plak, but do not expecting us to wear bikini okay. then at night, having ikan bakar at tanjung lumpur. then after the burrrrrrrrrppppp, goin' home and pillow talk kot. haha, as if mase tu we are still awake la. 
then sunday! hunting for my future-smartphone-to-be, hehe. i am sure you are jealous with me darling. xpela, i beli dulu okay. then you tukar jugak. 

to khalid's, do not be jealous as well, bcoz after dis, we will having family vacation/treat jugak but forrrrrrrr sure after abg ie and me getting married la,. hehe.

p/s to nana: i x sabar nak pakai checkered korean shirt yang i order tu, heeeeeee~
and still nak letak my pic. muka dah ade kerut. dah tua dah rupanya.


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