Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am not in the mood of writing anything right now especially about my wedding preparation.

Pity me.

Everything goes smoothly actually, Alhamdulillah.

Just ermmmm, I am looking forward to fly again.. woohooooo! I just can’t wait for the day to come. I am lazy and idle since I was back from Seoul, oh ya I am still in holiday mood, but pardon and you have to work intan! Work work work! The laziness makes me like the most useless person in office. Yes, I have to admit this; yell at me for that, BoooooooOOOoo!

Despite of all that, i am still energetic doing other things likes talking, blogging, fb-ing, tweet-ing, and 
forum-ing.  Sorry Cikbos, if u read this, please forgive me (Jangan potong gaji ye).

Anyone experienced travel to China before? Guangzhou-Shenzen to be specific. Please advise me where to go, place to eat, the atmosphere, the temperature, clothes to wear, shoes, or errr the toilet? It is without door? I am not sure either it is true or not, but from the some-source said, the toilet cubicle is designed to be without door, gosssshhhh I can’t imagine that. Cemane nak shishi n bubu ni?

Furthermore, let’s have fun till nextweek! You have tones of work to be done, intan. And yeah, I want my working mood back, ececehhhh. Semangat!

I’ll keep this entry short and leave the story. One thing for sure, SHOPPING! It’s a MUST. Pray for my safety, healthiness, and wish me luck!! 

Hai! i'm Cat-ty. Nice to meet u-oll gorgeous~


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