Friday, June 24, 2011

As per requested: Full version Handbouquet

At first, I want to keep it for my wedding day, but since I’ve got few emails asking about how it looks like from the back (final product), it makes me feel pleased and grateful, and how you appreciated my works.  It worth it! So this is it, taa daaaaaaa!

Cantik tak? cincin tu I beli masa pergi Korea somewhere in March, memang plan nak pakai masa wedding. 
Agak-agak sesuai tak?

And I love the PINGBOX too (at right side), yes! It’s really help. Now I can communicate with my silent readers/friends, which not every one of them has blog I guessed. I welcome all of you to meet me visually, please. Ada apa-apa nak tanya Ping ajer, insyaAllah i akan layan ye~

I am so blessed to have you all by my side, and I know not everyone love to read all this. Sorry if you feel disgust or ‘ewwwwwwwww-ing’ or ‘urghhhh, showed offffff’, but I am just sharing about how I DIY-ing my wedding. Sharing is caring, nak tiru pon boleh tau! Thanks for the emails, ym, and private message. Love you all!


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