Monday, May 24, 2010

life is so wonderful. agreed?

life is so wonderful. agreed? first of all, Alhamdulillah. thanks God for your kindness, give me an opportunity to feel so blessed and appreciated. this week, i have three events that i can't wait. yeah can't wait! Monday morning always be a laziest part in a week but today, i am so energetic and to be proud, i woke up so early! anything happen for a reason, of course. so do i. i got a phone call from Hyundai, seem like my new cute car is already here. wooohhhhooooo~ 

oh this is the 3rd asset of mine. (1st my cute purple scooter Ego 115cc, 2nd my silver Myvi SE but it's not belong to me. i nak nama dekat geran tu). once again Alhamdulillah! buy this car is not in my plan of this year but like i always said, it's happen for a reason and never regret it. after sign all the agreements, it is now ready for registration. can't wait. 

why i choose this car? 

1. fuel efficiency car of the year (RM0.135/KM) jimat kan? i always looking toward green and non-pollution thing.
2. added "extra steel bar" for protection at both front and back door and of course integrated with ABS and airbags. means it has double steel bar for each door.
3. shake stabilizer installed for smooth riding in highway.
4. cool interior for compact car.
5. love the exterior as well.
6. wanna ride imported car.
7. i am not viva-savvy-kenari-kelisa-kancil fans.
8. plan to have sedan? not yet. tunggu la 2 3 tahun lagi baru beli Mazda 3/Honda Civic, hehe~

sebenarnya keta ni baru launch kt Malaysia August last year.

front view

rear view
interior view

cute kan?

p/s: gambar dicuri cari sebab belom sempat nk bergambar dengan kereta baru. 

CCQ 719

2nd event?? can't wait for my coming 25th birthday. it's on Wednesday.
3rd event? trrrrrr, cuak plak. taknak ceritalah. babai.


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