Sunday, September 5, 2010

break fast with bff

Alhamdulillah today’s iftar with bff.

We choose De Rhu Resort for iftar. This is the first time I’m here, but what I can say, they got very good responses from others. For me, the environment is okay, but too cramp of people. I didn’t have enough time to eat ‘them’ all (oh nafsu hahaha) and I’m regret of being myself. The reservation table flooded to the lobby, and we sat at the middle of it, at the hotel’s atrium. The foods are varieties, but I didn’t found one that ‘booommm’. sorry lah i memang cerewet bab makan. 
But I had sweet moments with them. I love you all. I wish we are always be friends. 

Ramadhan this year, i am grateful to be treating by clients for iftars, got bonus from the big boss (OF COURSE!), and also had a good health until today. I hope the red alert will delay and pass Ramadhan. I really wish so! Its 3am and I started to feel dizzy. The tank still full, I’ll skip sahur.

Yeah! Announcement, I’ll start new online business after raya, and hoping for a good feedback from friends. Wish me luck people!


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