Friday, January 29, 2010


bila dah 'kurang' kerja, rasa sangat best and happy. nap like a baby, wakes up with smiling face. beban dah kurang. terasa macam nak balik kampung hari ni. jumpa emak, ada mission untuk disampaikan, jeng jeng jeng! aku perlu bersikap manja, peluk-peluk sikit, supaya mission accomplished. haha. disebabkan mission ini bernilai ribun2. maka perlu banker yang banyak duit! please please emak, mahu bangat benda itu. (akan diberitahu kemudian apakah beliau, sekarang perlu dirahsiakan takut mission fail, haha).

dah berangan dah ni.. semalam baru je survey2 kat kuantan parade, namun rasanya perlu survey lagi few places agar harganya berbaloi-baloi. mission blackberry pon belum settle, sibuk nak ada mission baru. haiiihhh, nafsu perempuan kan. takpe, saya maafkan awak intan. semalam mencari buku "panduan mengharungi alam perkahwinan", which is part of my hantaran, tapi sad.. tak jumpa. yang ada hanyalah yang biasa-biasa, aku mahukan hardcover. oh sungguh aku meng'judge the book by its cover'. tak senonoh. takpe-takpe harap appearance secantik isinya.

perlu mencari lagi supaya list of hantaran tidak bertukar. dip flower is ready by this weekend. tak sabar nak ambil dari mama iza. sangat cantik and i am excited to it. so perbelanjaan bulan ini sedikit melampau, jadi tidak perlu shopping lagi okay. (padahal baru malam tadi rembat dua baju kat The Store sebab tertarik pada tag merah sempena chinese new year). sungguh memukau tag itu, begitu menonjol. kalah perempuan berbikini kala ini.

isu bercinta: kami bahagia. full stop. tidak perlu disangkal dan diceritakan. cukuplah sekadar simpanan dua hati.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


thinking of having a refreshment. Kelong Acheh anyone?


MOOD: sad

"life is being so hectic for me. and i am decided not to be like that. okay, full stop."

*duit banyak tak guna if hati dan badan terseksa. adoi.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


MOOD: berbunga

seronok. itulah perasaan aku sekarang. aku dah dapat rembat few things for hantaran. hati berbunga-bunga. best shopping bila duit tengah banyak ni. haha. tapi banyak ke? okelah memandangkan gaji aku tak masuk lagi and aku ade few hundred for shopping. also grab a bloody red purse from SACHA for me.  suke! baru sebulan lepas aku beli new purse from giossardi tapi after a while then i'm realized that i didn't really like the compartment so much, unused wisely. so i am decided nak bagi that purse to my niece yang dapat straight A's in PMR. yeay for kakak, got present! now terasa sangat seronok sampai terlupa sekejap isu kerja. its 540pm already. i'm heading to office because our client, DRB-Hicom want to meet me at 9pm. settlekan whatever yang belum settle so that i can rest tonight. selamat bekerja. harap hati berbunga ini akan maintain sampai malam.


MONEY doesn't seems a problem for me, but TIME is something that i don't have enough lately. Sad and stressed. i miss the good old days. to be an architect is a everyone dream but to be in this way is never be a dream for everyone. huh, hate DRB-Hicom. hate! perfectly my weight being up and up because i am havin' unhealthy food every single night. congrats intan! you are doing very good. tak lama lagi boleh jadi macam tong drum, sighi need a refreshment, of course before May. it is a target. For now just focusing on how to make this small-pressure-thing gone. very torture okay. so today i need some shopping of course! woman natural call. bye.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


MOOD: irritated

this addiction towards those facebook, twitter, friendster, blogs etc webby seems too 'good' to left out. sigh
i have no point to defense myself (haha, i'm addicted too),  but in a way we look at it, it is such a good way to reconnect among others. it's create a huge circle, all around the world. somehow, now still have some 'skeptical' people that think 'this' things are too exposed and ridiculous. people should not voice out in status, taggin' people, comments, and also include playin' dumn mafia wars and farmville. huh, what an opinion! better stay dalam gua la buddy. irritated, honestly! PREROGATIVE. yes it is. humans right, stand out, voice out, anything out out out. so please go out. seeing the wonderful world that you left, or maybe the world left you. haha. later on, then you will realized that you are just wasting your time for no good. also loosing friends. pity.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


MOOD: sad

buat sahabat baikku, izyan binti yahaya. sabarlah. Tuhan lebih sayangkan arwah walaupun kita menyayangi arwah selautan cinta. itulah qada' dan qadar yang telah ditentukanNya. al-Fatihah buat arwah, semoga diletakkan bersama-sama golongan yang soleh dan solehah.

disini, aku sedar satu perkara. tidak semua apa yang dirancang menjadi kenyataan. kita sebagai hambanya, harus sabar dan berdoa, supaya apa yang diimpikan dimakbulkan Allah. jika Dia mahukan sesuatu itu berlaku, maka berlakulah ia. tidak terlewat walau sesaat.


MOOD: determined

i felt knowledge-less.

i should start reading by now. my English is not improving.
it is flat. full stop. sad. sad. sad. and pity me.
i do not love books. that's the points and i am not really into 'reading' things. should i buy some books? well, i don't really need to go that far actually. just speak loudly. boleh ke? no offenses. its work. but still, errrrrrr..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


MOOD: fun

this is not so bad. malay movie is always be at 'a' standard. but today i am proud of it. a 'run away' mission with Ama yesterday night being a satisfaction for me, of course i am not into it, but spending some money for this is like 'berbaloi-baloi'. then back to office with straight face. haha. cara menipu boss. pretend pressure and stressed. hope for the boss to say,
"okey, kita sambung esoklah!"
okay, talking about this movie, i think their joke is cool, and it is okey to watch with children, educational and sangat ringan for those who stressed like me. sigh!

and a very memorial statement that i really like in this movie is
"walaupon muka saya ganas,. tapi dalam hati ada 'taman'..."
 only a few friends that understand the meaning of the statement. hehe.
so lets keep it that way.
secret remains a secret. full stop.


MOOD : love

tiba-tiba rasa rindu muncul. i hate this feeling. buang jauh-jauh. syooooohhhhh.

HECTIC WEEK (part i)

MOOD: irritating

a very hectic week, that is what i can say. huhu, no life at all. i can't imagine what will happen in five years ahead if i am still this way. sigh! now, i have eye bag, having inconsistent sleep and foods, headache, and stressed. almost single day i have to face problems that i didn't create, but the solution is always be with me. the 'people' is too bossy and unpredictable. they are too small to fit in the room, but also too big to fit in the closet. pity. i should hide them, locked them inside and after a long period, take out them back and give them a lesson. haha, like 'mak tiri' already.

now i have two faces. congrats intan! haha. pretending to be professional among all, smile and always agreed with 'people'. huh. i'm sick and crazy. this is not ever be me. never. for now, i'm okay since my kindly boss promised me a very 'interesting-enough' gift that anyone can't say no. It's blackberry Onyx 9700. it is a dream buddy, a dream! hope this hectic week will end very soon, and i can start concentrating on other things that i left behind. especially to my dearest abang, thank you for being there for me. in easy and hard, you always be there with no excuses.

to be at this stage, i have found myself a better person, thanks people. eh, thanks pulak ke? haha, i have learnt a lots, how to manage myself, my emotions, my reaction and also my language. no shit, no damn, no hate but always PLEASE. oh so easy! is it? hehe. dealing with people is the hardest thing to do, it can't be learnt at school, but through experiences. there a always be a chance to learn, grab it and always think positively. i'm done here, and this entry should be a very good entry. so berhenti mengarut. stop now, i meant it.


MOOD: flying

i am so damn happy today.
just happy. no reason at all.

bila happy hati jadi bunga-bunga, kerja pon senang.


MOOD: love

Dear ♥,

I want you to know how lucky I feel for having found the one perfect person for me,
the one who suits me so comfortably and who gives me joy and boundless hope and anticipation for the future.

I make a vow to stand by your side through the best and worst of times,
and to give you the best of what I have from now until the end of our days.


MOOD: love

Abang ♥,

I offer you not the “summer of my life” but the autumn, brisk and vibrant.
I promise to be a companion worthy of your precious friendship.
I pledge you compassion in good times and bad; encouragement in sickness and health.
It is my intent that our life together include our large circle of friends and loving families.


MOOD: statement

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

i am still remember this poem, and today i am into that situation. i paused myself then, and think. what should i do?

2010 is a tough year for me. i am planning on something important in my life. sad, it's not as easy as i think. to be with someone i love is all i want to do right now. Allah gives us love and it's miracle, i agreed. i feel it now.

for you, i have to be as perfect as i can. time is running out. sayang, keep this promise. it's hard for me, but i will do, will do. promise remains a promise. people have mistakes, so do i. i need you to accompany me, support me. this is the 'road' that i choose. for good, for us.


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