Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Travelogue: Yogyakarta 2008

We went to Yogyakarta in 2008, in the middle of thesis war. Hoooo Hooooo. It is an escape from the hectic life of our final stage study before being an architect today. I can say it as a successful retreat as everybody seem so enjoyed and have fun there. I wrapped the thesis and the dissertation behind, and once we walked out from the uni, I felt like flyinggggg. 

The sky are crystal blue, the temperature is super hot.

I miss the good old days. I miss my friends. I miss my hectic lifestyle. I miss the smell and environment in studio, I miss the irritated guards and also Subra, I miss sleeping under the desk, I miss BBQ at rooftop, I miss Padang Kota, I miss kerabu mangga, and last not lease, I miss Ferringhi beach!

Yes, I miss everything I left before. (nangis!) 

1 comment:

miss puteri said...

huwaaa.. i miss my student life! penang!!


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