Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Want To Share This To All My Beloved B2B

Yesterday, I had a serious conversation with my fiancĂ©. Yes SERIOUS! Cuak tak dengar? Hihik. Anyway, it’s nothing to be worried about, just some changes here and there. I am not sure either this is the bad news or good, but probably our wedding will come a BIT earlier. Gosh I am happy at first (siapa tak suka kawen kan, boleh pakai cantik2 make up tebal 1 inci he he) but when I think about my so-called wedding planningssssssss, nervous okay! For now, I am just praying that we will stick with the previous plan. Then now, I am scared!

I don’t want to share this matter with my family at the moment and I hope I hope I hope, everything will be back to normal. How I wish I am the Doreamon! Nak lambatkan masa sikit, keh keh! I am not complaining about this ‘thing’, just 24/7 time for this coming 7 months is not enough! Minus Eid Mubarak, fasting, korea and China trip, laze time, sleep, camwhoring, working, lepaking, fb-ing, blogging, tinggal bape lama je lagi? Uhuk terbatok-batok dah ni.

But, I taknak melatah, just STOP! Just go with the flow, and I am ready to force the storm. Oyeahhh! Itu dugaan daripadaNya kepada hambaNya.

Dearie, please pray for me ya. I wish everything goes as planned. LOVE!

Nak senyum sampai pipi camni,..

My nephew: Danish Amzar (baby)


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