Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Home Update 1

3 months and 2 weeks before the wedding.

Some friends asked me to make a special entry about my 'House & Decoration'. 
(Malunya! I bukanlah pandai sangat deco pon. Hanya yang termampu dengan poket sahaja lah, takde yang gempak-gempak sangat pon)

But then,it is such a pleasure to share about what happened behind the scene, kehkeh! How i choose the furniture, the wall color, the details etc.

I am super excited to say,… “I’m in love with my new homey so so soooooooo much”.It is not so-called ‘architect-house-must-be-something-modern-and-different’, but I think it will be something that I love the most and make home as a place to live, cheer me up, and will be the place that I want to stay without trepidation.

So, we both decided to start buying furniture for the house, and it makes me double excited. First week, a bit frustrated for us to find the right selection, everyplace is offering something like wescourt-design-look-good-but-no-guarantee-you-will-satisfied. Huhuhu. Yes, it ruined my mood.

Part 1: TV Cabinet
First catch must be TV cabinet since I don’t have proper one before. It must be tough and rough, to handle my big-and-heavy 29 inch television (yes, I don’t have LCD, LED tv, or Plasma TV). I know I’m a bit flinch but what I can say, I just love the quality of the TV, hu hu hu.My fiancé just followed and let me make the decision, oh thanks a bunch dear. And again, nothing catches my eyes. Pity me!

Say big NO to this

 * jangan mudah terpedaya dengan design yang cantik tapi sebenarnya chip board je dalam tu, 
carilah solid wood cabinet, a bit pricey but worth it.

One fine day, after struggling in jammed, I saw a furniture shop just beside me and I choose to change my route and stop by. Yes my lucky day though. I found one there, just the way I like it. Solid wood, white, and sophisticated design. I know this is just ‘my decision’ but I am pretty sure he will love it too. It took me only 15 minutes and, I already swap for the deposit. Smiling face. I asked them to send it on Sunday since I’m not available on Saturday, and of course, I want my fiancé to see it first (mana la tau dia tak suka), he he he. 
nanti i reveal ya, but lebih kurang camni la, cuba i rasa mine lagi cantik, perasan! Nampak tak ke'solid'an cabinet ni?
Nak berdiri atas tu pon takde hal. Mampu bertahan.

Part 2: Matress
Sunday, it’s rainy and sleepy.
Promising fiancé to make out the cabinet before delivery, then there we were. We already bought black bed set before, and now we only need the the perfect mattress. I asked him to buy new mattress for us, since boleh-tumpang-free-delivery and he’s agreed. Yes!  And like a weeks before, I told him a ‘story about: the good mattress for backbone’. So what suit our pocket and budget?

I am a fan of Vono brands, since my sister introduced it to me. But of course it is about money constraint. I asked them for Vono collections and he suggested me with this one, Vono Back Saver 1, the basic one, affordable price with 15 years warranty and good for health. How can I disagree with? FOC with two Vono pillows, yeay! But I am a good bargainer I guess, so I asked for free gift and we got another two pillows for free worth RM120. Weeeeeeee~

More info about the mattress, please click HERE

Tak mampu nak beli yang Back Saver Deluxe tu.. Huhuhu.

Coming soon: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. Banyak nye aihhh nak tulis, jangan bosan ya! Sayang SEMUA!


e k i n ♥ y u s r i said...

bestnye ade rumah....
sedih betol ngah menanti keputusan kuarters...

Q said...

Hi Intan, beli rumah kat area mana?kat penang ni mahal giler buleh nangis..wuwuwuw

UyaRayza said...

tak sabarnye nk beli rumah sdiri jugak hehehe

Reen Tart Nenas said...

suka cabinet putih :)


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