Wednesday, January 20, 2010


MOOD: fun

this is not so bad. malay movie is always be at 'a' standard. but today i am proud of it. a 'run away' mission with Ama yesterday night being a satisfaction for me, of course i am not into it, but spending some money for this is like 'berbaloi-baloi'. then back to office with straight face. haha. cara menipu boss. pretend pressure and stressed. hope for the boss to say,
"okey, kita sambung esoklah!"
okay, talking about this movie, i think their joke is cool, and it is okey to watch with children, educational and sangat ringan for those who stressed like me. sigh!

and a very memorial statement that i really like in this movie is
"walaupon muka saya ganas,. tapi dalam hati ada 'taman'..."
 only a few friends that understand the meaning of the statement. hehe.
so lets keep it that way.
secret remains a secret. full stop.

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