Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HECTIC WEEK (part i)

MOOD: irritating

a very hectic week, that is what i can say. huhu, no life at all. i can't imagine what will happen in five years ahead if i am still this way. sigh! now, i have eye bag, having inconsistent sleep and foods, headache, and stressed. almost single day i have to face problems that i didn't create, but the solution is always be with me. the 'people' is too bossy and unpredictable. they are too small to fit in the room, but also too big to fit in the closet. pity. i should hide them, locked them inside and after a long period, take out them back and give them a lesson. haha, like 'mak tiri' already.

now i have two faces. congrats intan! haha. pretending to be professional among all, smile and always agreed with 'people'. huh. i'm sick and crazy. this is not ever be me. never. for now, i'm okay since my kindly boss promised me a very 'interesting-enough' gift that anyone can't say no. It's blackberry Onyx 9700. it is a dream buddy, a dream! hope this hectic week will end very soon, and i can start concentrating on other things that i left behind. especially to my dearest abang, thank you for being there for me. in easy and hard, you always be there with no excuses.

to be at this stage, i have found myself a better person, thanks people. eh, thanks pulak ke? haha, i have learnt a lots, how to manage myself, my emotions, my reaction and also my language. no shit, no damn, no hate but always PLEASE. oh so easy! is it? hehe. dealing with people is the hardest thing to do, it can't be learnt at school, but through experiences. there a always be a chance to learn, grab it and always think positively. i'm done here, and this entry should be a very good entry. so berhenti mengarut. stop now, i meant it.

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