Wednesday, December 8, 2010


To be with or not to be with? How do i really miss my old friends so much! Kaksha's wedding is just around the corner, and it will be the right place to gather,. yeah but pity me; i didn't know either i should go or not. It's 'only' 500km+ away, and to be with them is all i want right now. But yes, everything come with pro and con. huhuk! i am now officially not prepared to travel alone! ececeh mengadanya kamu.

For now, as a fiancée, my decision is not my decision anymore. I have to learn new things, new environment, and of course new life which is i have to consider many people around especially my mr. F. (if u read this, be proud honey!). I don't think it might be as cruel as people judged, but i am willing to do so, as a respect for him, and as a good lesson for me. Two more days to go, and i will make the best decision tho. 

Added, i miss Char Kueh Tiaw, teh ais mamak, and also nasi kandar oooo yummy! yeah remembering North make me smile and okeylah rasa nak terbang pegi sana sekarang jugak. 

Psssttt, actually i have meeting on Sunday. Nope, should skip that. Whatever, someone will replace me as usual, thanks Cik Bob~

Nampaknya macam dah ada decision je kan. ahaks. Will update soon, lufffff!

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