Tuesday, February 2, 2010


when we want to talk about "who is the most person you love?"
 i have a perfect list. 
with no doubt. 
no no and never.
if i have to name it, it will be 5 person in mind.
1. emak
2. emak
3. emak
4. bapak
5. sari

emak is the one and only, the person that i loved most
i have no reason but she is the reason i live
she is a very wonderful person
she is a very good mother
she is a very good listener
she is a very good cooker
she is a very good teacher
she is a very good friend
she is a very good advisor
she is really good in everything

i can't describe her. its just i love her. 
more than anyone. 

i can't live without her. 
she is the one and only.

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