Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yes! This is my five confessions.

  1. I am a sleeping beauty; soooo not a morning person and I hope this may charge after marriage.
  2. I am talkative and speak loud.
  3. I have 15.5inch shoulder, bidangnya oi oi oi.
  4. I love water, but too scare to swim.
  5. I can’t sing and not into music.


~ NANA ~ said...

no.1 & no.5 sama! kekekeke

Adda Shariff said...

maksu! 15.5 tak broad la! i pon 15.5 kehkehkeh....

intan said...

bidang la if compare to my b***. tak sesuai tau. besar atas kecik kat bawah..


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